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Saturday, February 25, 2006
I believe in their dreams

So many people have said they are sick of the Olympics. American Idol is getting better ratings, which I guess is not that surprising.

I guess I am one of the faithful. I remember watching the Olympics growing up. It was a special event and I always looked forward to it. I still do today. I went out with a friend on the night of the opening ceremonies, but told her I wanted to be home to see the start. I've stayed up late many nights to watch and even taped some of the skating gala last night.

I wasn't sure until Thursday night why the Olympics were so important to me. Sasha Cohen had skated very well on Tuesday night and American eyes were upon her to capture Olympic gold. But there were many naysayers...those who said she couldn't do it, that she does well on a first performance and then not so well on the next (only they don't say it as nicely as that). Apparently she had hurt herself in the near-perfect program on Tuesday and I watched her fall several times in her warmup. You could see in her eyes that she knew she would not be perfect that night but that she was determined to go out there and do the best she could. She skated to Romeo and Juliet and she did fall in the beginning. But she got back up and gave it her best. I thought one of the announcers summed it up best when she said, "Others skate to Romeo and Juliet. Sasha is Juliet." You could see that she was truly enjoying the artistry of the choreography and that she had become Juliet. It was simply beautiful.

I started thinking more about it then. These athletes devote their entire lives to becoming perfect. They want to be the best in their sport. They want to win the gold at the Olympics. It is their dream; it becomes their lives. They give up so many other things in pursuit of this. And they work very, very hard at it. Even when it hurts, when they are injured, they rarely give up. They believe so strongly in their dreams and I admire that. How can you not? We are all gifted in different ways. We can't all be Nobel Prize winners or leaders of great nations. But we can find something we enjoy and we are good at and work towards becoming great. Like these atheletes, we can put in the time, the energy and the tears for something we care about and believe in. We can stretch ourselves just that little bit farther than we thought possible for something we dream of achieving.

Think about it for a minute. What's your dream?

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