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Friday, September 30, 2005

Yes, indeed. I am so glad the weekend is finally
here. It has been a long and arduous week.

Tomorrow night is the Light the Night Walk for the
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am so grateful to so
many people for their generous donations! I SURPASSED
my goal of raising $1000 - right now, I am up to
$1500!! That is so awesome. I am so thankful for
those who gave to this cause, especially after giving
so recently to the hurricane relief efforts.

Well, I am off to bed. I stayed up last night to
watch Without a Trace and it apparently did me in. I
like the show but last night was very graphic and
apparently my psyche thought so too - I had a
nightmare and woke up at 1:30 and couldn't go back to
sleep for an hour and a half (even with the lights
on!) No tv for me tonight!!


    posted at 11:08 PM

Where, oh where, did my post go?
I am getting irritated. This is like the third time I've written a post only to have it tell me my blog doesn't exist when I tell it to publish. All gone.......I have to look into this!

    posted at 9:58 PM

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I just flew in from Minneapolis...

...and I'll save you the corny joke!

It was quite an adventure. Minneapolis is quite an
interesting place...in my effort to notice things
more, you'll see I took to documenting some of the
oddest with my camera phone. Check them out below -
you've got to see them to believe them!

Other things I took notice of:

A man who looked startlingly like Johnnie Cochran. So
much so, in fact, that I wondered if it was his son or
if perhaps the stories of his death were exaggerated
and he was really living under an assumed name in

A gentleman dressed from head to toe completely in
lilac. I'm talking hat, shirt, pants and shoes.

That a corkscrew is not a confiscatible item at
security checkpoints but completely sealed manicure
kits are.

That our shuttle to the airport did not have seatbelts
for the passengers, but did for the driver.

And finally, the icing on the cake - that my streak of
being delayed EACH AND EVERY TIME I FLY remains
unbroken! Whoo hoo.

Well, I am glad to be home. Can't wait to sleep in my
own bed tonight!!


    posted at 12:05 AM

Monday, September 26, 2005
What in the world????????

So odd...in each upper corner in the elevators, they have hooks. Like the kind you would hang a coat on. But they are high up and close to the wall...so what in the world???????? Posted by Picasa

    posted at 11:26 PM


The first evening, they had a martini bar for attendees. They put these flashing "ice" cubes into each glass. It was hard to focus on anything else, as we were stationed just across for the pyramid of martini glasses! Posted by Picasa

    posted at 11:26 PM

I love the smell of chlorine at lunch time...

I found it exceptionally odd that (a) there was a pool just in the middle of the hotel and (b) that they set up banquets right next to it.  Posted by Picasa

    posted at 11:25 PM

Swan Puffs...

This one you had to SEE to believe! Cream puffs made into swans. It was kind of sad biting their heads off, though - but you can't let a good cream puff go to waste! Posted by Picasa

    posted at 11:25 PM

Friday, September 23, 2005
So many interesting things afoot...
Wednesday night, I had to have a sleep study.  I'm always tired and wanted to find out why and what I can do about it.
I arrived there around 8:30 and they weren't ready for me.  I sat and watched CNN until they called for me.  They took me into a little room and glued electrodes all over me - to my face, my head, my collar bones, my legs...and when I say glue, I mean GLUE.  It is not easy getting that stuff off your face - let me tell you!  I was going to take a picture of this madness but I decided it would definitely somehow fall into the wrong hands and I'd see it on the big screen at some event in the future.
After I was all frankensteined up, they told me I could go watch tv in the sitting room with other patients.  Um, no!  They weren't all wired up like me and I didn't want to watch tv with strangers anyway.  So I sat in "my" room and read until it was time for bed. 
Then they do all these calibration things to make sure the wires are all working right and tell you to go to sleep.  I'm a big toss 'n turner, so being covered in wires wasn't making for a restful night.  They woke me up at 6:30 AM and told me to go watch tv until it was time for my "nap".  I was supposed to stay there all day and take naps because for some completely unknown reason, after my initial consult, the doc thought I had narcolepsy.  Yeah, the girl who can't sleep well anywhere but her own bed, can't sleep in moving vehicles, etc has narcolepsy?  Gimme a break.
My first nap was at 8 AM.  I did eventually fall asleep because I was exhausted and then they woke me and sent me back out to watch more tv.  Luckily, I still had some of my book left so I finished that.
At 10 or so, they told me they were letting me go home but I had to come back again for another night.  No diagnosis, no comments, nothing.  I asked the receptionist on my way out and she said, "You have apnea."  That was it. 
Is it bad?  No clue.  Is it minor?  No clue.  Do I have to get a breathing machine?  I think that's their point in having me come back another night.  Will I actually use it?  Unless I am going to die from this, probably not!  I couldn't even keep a mouthgard in at night when they thought I had TMJ, how in the world will I sleep with a big mask strapped to my face and a hose attached?  Plus you have to sleep on your back, which I just really can't do. 
So, now I am irritated by the lack of info I have received, the fact that they want me to come back and that I can't get this frickin' glue off my face.  Actually, I think I got it off but my skin is red and rough where it was.  Stupid glue.
And to top all of this loveliness off, I have to go Minneapolis for work for a couple of days soon.  Last time I went, we went to the Mall of America.  Sounds exciting but unless you want to partake of Snoopy's Adventureland (not), not too much to do.  King of Prussia is MUCH better in terms of stores and variety.  So I have no clue what I can do to occupy myself during the off hours.  Maybe I can watch $12 movies on pay per view in the hotel.  Haven't see many new releases yet.  Too bad the co. won't pay for that!
On a positive note, though, I am looking forward to heading up to Nan's tonight for a scrapbooking class and "Crop Club".  I really like scrapbooking - I wish I had more time to do it.  I haven't seen Nan in a while, so it will be nice to visit for a while. 
Another good thing is that it looks like our church's Women's Retreat is coming together.  We have had a good number say they were coming which makes me really happy, and it looks like the lessons are going to be great.  I'm really looking forward to it!  It'll be nice to have a weekend away, too!
So, ta ta for now!

    posted at 11:51 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005
Living in the moment redux...
Ever since I read that article about living in the moment and really taking time to notice things...I've noticed that I don't notice much on a daily basis. So I made a concerted effort yesterday to notice six things:
1. A fox with a really long tail crossing Yoder Road
2. That Vinnie's Pizzarama is painted red (boy, I hope it wasn't always red, because I'll feel really silly for suddenly noticing that after driving by it 800 times)
3. An old guy on a bright yellow moped
4. That where I got gas at 9:30 AM had gone down 5 cents by 1:30

Still not six things, but it's better than nothing...which is my list for today! I was trying to explain this to some people yesterday and they thought I was nuts - until I asked them to tell me six things they really and truly paid attention to and took notice of that day. Give it a try - and leave me a comment!

I'm still in the throes of irritability about my limbo-ness and all the drama of last week but I think I am on the upswing. I have to remind myself that what you do or deal with 9 to 5 doesn't define you. No one is simply a job title. We all have other things in our lives that matter, that make us happy,that make a difference in some way, even small ones

I wanna move the people on a hot summer's day
I wanna serve up the truth like it's pink lemonade
I wanna give my people what they can't deny
I wanna light up the sky like the 4th of July
Anyone know the song? Racegrrl, I know you do! : ) Gotta love Tobymac.

I recently read a series of books by Ray Blackston about some Christian singles trying to meet people. At the beginning, it starts with some quotes that tell something about each one. The main character's love interest says, "My name is Allie, and I work for God." I think about that a lot, especially in terms of what I'm doing with the children and youth at church. That's what's really important to me. Not this other stuff; that's all just stuff. Gotta keep your focus, especially when those around you are losing theirs.

    posted at 10:20 PM

Things that make you go hmmm
I spent a while last night crafting a really long post...only to have it tell me that it couldn't find my blog to post it on. I tried a couple things and finally gave up, realizing it was all lost in cyberspace.

So let's see if this works!

    posted at 9:28 PM

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Everyone limbo now!
Limbo (lim'bo) n.: a dance, originated in the West Indies, in which the dancers bend from the waist as far back as possible to pass beneath a bar that is put lower and lower. n.: any intermediate, indeterminate state or condition

I am in limbo at the moment (the second definition, though sometimes I feel like it's the first...but that's a completely different entry!) and it is making me crazy.


    posted at 11:10 AM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Help Me Light the Night
For the past several years, I have taken part in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk and will be doing so again at the beginning of October. Light The Night Walk is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's nationwide evening Walk to build awareness of blood cancers and raise funds for cures. Walkers carry illuminated balloons-white for survivors and red for supporters-to celebrate and commemorate lives touched by cancer. My team, the Nite Lights, walk in honor of survivors we know and also those who have lost their battle. I personally walk on behalf of my mom's best friend Rose, who is a survivor, and my friend Tracey's nephew, Anthony, who lost his battle at just five years old. Many others on our team walk for friends and family members who have passed away. It is a very somber event, yet we know that by taking part, we are helping to raise money that can lead to a cure for these blood cancers.

I hate to use this as a platform to ask for donations...but frankly, I think it's a good way to do it. If you are also on my email list, you might hear from me that way as well. If you would like to make a donation online, please visit my Light the Night website by clicking here. You can donate there with a debit or a credit card. If you would rather mail me your donation, please leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you my address. Please make checks out to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Thank you for your help! No donation is too small. Every dollar raised goes to research to end these terrible diseases.

    posted at 11:36 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Living in the Moment
Last night was Lansdale Bike Night. About 60,000 people show up for this event each year, showing off their hogs and hanging out. There are bands and food and merchandise set up all down Main Street. The past three or four years, my church has had space. We do free facepainting and balloon animals for the kids (you'd be surprised how much of a family event this really is!) and giving away free popcorn. It's always a lot of fun - it's my favorite outreach that we do. It was a long night though, and I am plumb tuckered out.

I just read an article this week about living in the moment and taking time to actually notice things. The article said you should try to notice at least six things a day. This is much harder than you'd think! Anyway, I tried to do it last night and I noticed:

A man with the orange mohawk with green tips
An orange chopper with purple flames on it
That there is a tattoo parlor on N. Towamencin Avenue

So I only got three. And today...well, nothing. I have to work on this! It seems unimaginable that in a whole day, I can't think of six things I really and truly took time and notice of...

    posted at 9:46 PM

Happy belated birthday, Mike!

Mike & May Cape (as Leah used to say!). Posted by Picasa

    posted at 9:44 PM

My Crew...

Yes, I am still finding more workcamp photos! This one was my whole crew on the first day. See the particle board behind us? They told us to SCRAPE it first before painting it...NOT a good idea! It all comes off! Posted by Picasa

    posted at 9:35 PM

I know you can't believe your eyes...

Proof that I actually DID work at workcamp!! Posted by Picasa

    posted at 9:34 PM

David in Saul's Armor

This was just soooo cute. In Adventure Theater today, we were talking about David & Goliath. Zack volunteered to be David and this is him in "King Saul's" misfitting "armor". I could nto stop laughing! You'll see Esteban behind him - he was holding Zack's pants up! I wish I'd had my real camera with me. Posted by Picasa

    posted at 9:32 PM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
School Days
My dear friend Nan left a message yesterday (happy anniversary, by the way, Nan!)that her son was off to his first day of kindergarten - happy as could be and not looking back. I'm so glad to hear that he was excited to go and I hope so much that he has a wonderful experience with school. I know I did.

Me & Dwayne on our first day of kindergarten... Posted by Picasa

This is me on my first day of kindergarten...in fact, that is the day I met Nancy! It always makes me smile to think that she and I have been friends all these years. What a blessing! Anyway, I always loved school...couldn't wait for summer to end so I could get back to seeing friends and learning lots of cool stuff. Weird, I know, but that's just me!

    posted at 10:48 PM

Forget the Terminator...

...meet the Urinator! Posted by Picasa

This is Norman, the love of my life. He is the sweetest, most loving of all my kitties. And yet he is the most troublesome! He is always getting into stuff, attacking Nellie, running around like a man on fire. And lately, peeing on the floor! I've had him to the vet for all kinds of tests. I've had the carpets steam cleaned. I put plastic down on the floor. I even bought one of those stupid automatic litterboxes (DON'T waste your money! Luckily, they took it back.) The only thing that might be having any effect - and I can't tell for sure - is this stuff called Comfort Zone by Feliway. It's a plug-in like those air fresheners but it releases a cat hormone that makes them relax and feel comfortable. I had one in the room where he frequently did this and he stopped for several weeks.

But I am a bad mom and the plug in ran out and I didn't get another one. That was probably a week or even two ago. And here he goes again! Saturday and then again tonight. So I was back in the car, trekking to the only pet store around that seems to sell this. I got the refill and an entirely new plug-in for the living room. We'll see if this is the answer! I sure hope something is!

    posted at 10:47 PM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
What to say?
I've been thinking about what to blog about but I feel like in light of everything going on in the Gulf coast, what I have to say to the world is so minor.

One thing I will say is happy birthday to my mamacita. She is computer-challenged, so she probably won't see this, but I wanted to say it anyway. Yesterday was her birthday and, as she teased her best friend when she turned the same age, she's the speed limit now. (I told her that, in most places, it went up so she's got another 10 years until she can make that joke again.) I have to honestly say I don't know what I would do without her. Yes, sometimes she drives me bats and I often tell her what a challenge she is (and I'm sure she feels the same about me at times) but when it comes down to it, she is and always has been there for me in any and every circumstance. I talk to her almost every day about something or another. Sometimes we even watch tv together long distance. We debate the news of the day, share our views on what's going on in the world and even when we don't agree, I know she is listening. So, I love you, mom! Happy birthday!

    posted at 10:29 PM

Thursday, September 01, 2005
You can't look away
I am still glued to news of the Gulf coast. I check in on the major news outlets all day online and all evening on television. It breaks my heart to see the conditions that people have been in, that some are still awaiting rescue, that some are still awaiting food and water in New Orleans. I hear all the terrible things that are going on there, the crimes being committed in the convention center and I think - I was there. I was there when it was just a city filled with doctors for a large convention. And now it is unrecognizable.

I keep hearing people say over and over things like "they should have evacuated when they were told to". But how do you evacuate when you have no money, no transportation, no means to get anywhere other than where you are? Or are too sick to go? Or disabled? So many factors played into what has happened. That's not to say that no one stayed out of sheer stubbornness - I'm sure there is a great deal of that mixed in as well.

I pray that order is restored soon so that they can continue the evacuations without fear of rescuers being shot at. I pray that they receive the necessary supplies and help they need soon to help these people who are tired and hungry and thirsty...and dying before their eyes. I pray that people who were blessed to not live in this area and face this devastation personally would remember to be thankful for what they have and to give to those who no longer have anything. There are so many reputable organizations to give to: the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Samaritan's Purse, Operation Blessing, the list goes on and on. They were reporting on the news to beware of charity scam artists - if you receive an email from the Red Cross or another organization like that, it is not real. The Red Cross doesn't have time to be sending out email solicitations right now or doing telemarketing - so bear this in mind.

I truly wish I could be down there. I have a heart for those in need and it breaks every time I hear another person's story or see another shot of what used to be a beautiful area. I wish there was something more I could do...in the meantime, I'll donate and pray.

    posted at 9:24 PM