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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I am home. And so glad to be.

I am overwhelmingly frustrated with so many things at the moment...I can't begin to list them all. I am exhausted, still having not recovered from a retreat this weekend and then going on my trip, so that is probably a huge contributing factor. It's amazing how much lack of sleep and down time can affect your mood. I should probably just go to bed right now but am so behind on everything and have an early meeting tomorrow that I have not had time to prepare for.


    posted at 8:42 PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
I haven't quite recovered from my long strange journey last evening but I did have a high point in all of this (besides the free food and drinks in the concierge lounge!) I had dinner tonight with my friend Kristen (the title of today's post was her nickname back in the day...but I won't go into that!) We've been friends since high school but have drifted, as high school friends are apt to do, over the years. Periodically, we check in with one another and then time flies away again. We couldn't even remember how long it had been since we'd seen each other - and I said that the last clear memory I had was of she and I sitting on her bedroom floor at her parents house...but I'm sure that is not the last time. Anyway, it was so nice to catch up and spend some time together. I'm hoping we can do more of that!

    posted at 9:23 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005
I Love Lucy
Remember how whenever Lucy tried to do something for Ricky it would backfire? I'm having a Lucy kind of day...

I had to travel today by train. There was an elderly couple in front of me and it was clear from their conversations that he was confused and having a difficult time on their trip. I prayed for them, especially for the wife who was trying very hard to be patient. They were getting off at the same stop as I was, so I asked if I could help them and as soon as the train stopped, I set off to find the conductor to ask him for some help as well (they had a lot of bags they couldn't carry on their own) but in the amount of time it took me to ask if they needed help and to get to the door, the doors were closing and the train was on its way to the next stop!!!!! None of us could believe it and there was not a conductor in sight. I went up into the other end of the train and found one (who basically blamed the couple for not "asking" for help) and was told that we could get the next train back from the next stop an hour and a half later. ARGH! So the woman called the person who was meeting her and told her what happened and they were going to come to the next stop and pick them up. So, we all get off at the next stop with me and a kind gentleman toting their luggage. We got them settled and he left, and I went to the desk to explain my plight. The bored looking woman simply told me I'd have to wait an hour and a half to get back on the train to go back to my original destination. So I ended up taking a cab, costing me triple what it would have from the original station.

When I finally arrived at my hotel, low and behold, there is no room for me. Apparently, they gave my room to someone with a similar name? And so I waited for about another half hour for them to sort that all out. At least I'm on the concierge floor as a consulation prize now.


    posted at 11:03 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005
Survey Monkey Rocks!!
There is a very cool site called surveymonkey.com. I've heard we use it at work but I'm not involved in it. But I took a look at it, hoping it might be something I could use to survey the teens in my youth group so we could improve things and make them enjoy it more. Well, I set it up today and all I have to say is SURVEY MONKEY ROCKS! It's really easy to setup and use and I'm already getting some really good feedback. Yay, Survey Monkey. (Yeah, I just like saying that. Survey monkey, survey monkey, survey monkey.)

On another note, it was another busy weekend. Went to IKEA on Saturday for a marathon shopping extravaganza with the 'rents - ending with me laughing hysterically because I just couldn't take it anymore. I guess I didn't inherit my aunt's shopping genes. I find what I want, get it and go. Two and a half hours in IKEA really took me to the limit. Especially when I found my two things about 1/4 of the way through. Then home and scrapbooking with the gals in my newly refurbished basement. And Sunday, well, Sunday is Sunday. Always so very busy. It's actually been suggested by the utes that we change our meeting night to a week night...and that might not be a bad thing. The idea of having my Sunday evenings free for the most part is very appealing. But we shall see what the outcome of the survey monkey is! (HA, I said it again.)

Well, it is past my bedtime and I am exhausted as usual. TTFN, friends!

    posted at 9:59 PM

Friday, October 14, 2005
What a long strange week it's been...

This has been a week of up and downs if I've ever seen one! My friend Kym had some problems with her pregnancy and brought her baby boy into the world a few weeks early. He was having respiratory distress when he was born, so as soon as he entered this world, he was whisked away to the NICU. Funny thing about the NICU...earlier in the day, Kym called me and asked me to send a request out of our church's prayer list. The neonatologist had been by to see her and told them that the NICU was full and if the baby came and had any problems, he would have to be transferred immediately to one of five other hospitals. Obviously, this was upsetting - especially with him being early. I sent out the prayer request immediately, asking that the baby be born healthy with no problems. And hour later, Kym's husband called and told me that the dr came back, and miraculously, a spot had opened up. When she delivered at 3 AM that morning, we all knew that it was God's hand that opened that spot, knowing that the baby would need care and that Kym and her husband could not bear to have him go to an entirely different hospital. It is impossible to believe that God does not exist when you hear a story like that! And so, I would like to ask you guys to pray for Kym and her baby. Kym's been fightng a respiratory infection before all of this happened, and the drs are not keen on having her visit the baby in the NICU because of this - which is breaking her heart. She hasn't even gotten to hold him yet. So please pray that she will be better and that his lungs will grow strong and healthy.

I also had an epiphany this week. I know God speaks to you through other people - but I wasn't listening. I had been looking into some opportunities that sounded intriguing. But the same day that Kym went suddenly into the hospital, I began to hear some things that made these opportunities sound less than stellar. And the more I thought about them, the less I liked the thought of how they might change my life. And seeing everything that happened with Kym and thinking that I might not be available for those I love when they need me...really made me think.

So that's all for now. My house is a wreck, my laundry is sky high and I need sleep desperately. Talk to all y'all later.

    posted at 9:37 PM

Saturday, October 08, 2005
Dear Little Me
I'm stealing an idea from Reality Check. (Thanks for the great idea, Cheryl!) Her writing teacher asked them to bring in a picture of themselves that intrigued them. They were then asked to write a letter to themselves, at the age they were in the photo. I don't have too many photos of me - those are mainly at my mom's, I guess. But I'll use the one I use with my profile. I think it must have been about two or three.

Dear Little Me,

What can I say, Little Me? What advice can I impart to you so many years down the road? Life is going to take some interesting turns for you - some good, some not so good. You're going to have to struggle through some tough things as a preteen and teenager that no one else you know will be going through. But you will get through it - and you will only be stronger for it.

You will find that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Sometimes that will be really difficult to deal with...other times you will be glad that it is so. There will be some milestones when people pass from your life that will stay with you always. Try to keep in mind the good things and don't spend too much time with the whys. Make sure to always make time for your friends and loved ones. They are so important in your life - moreso than words can ever say.

You'll learn that you can't fix people - no matter how hard you try. People can change on their own...but you can't make them.

You'll make some really big mistakes in your early twenties and do and say some things that can never be taken back. You'll find yourself alone a lot - and sometimes that will be a rejuvenating experience. Other times, it'll just be a lonely one.

This will sound unbelieveable but as you near your thirties, God is going to meet you where you are and turn things around. He'll help you to get past the mistakes and set you back on your feet again. He'll also bring you into a new family who will love and care for you, who will see your gifts and help you find ways to use them. These people will help you learn and grow in ways you never considered.

You'll be blessed with children - about 32 of them, to be exact, to teach and love and care for each week while their parents entrust them to you. You'll even have some teenagers at a young age - and you'll learn more from them than they'll learn from you.

And the rest, Little Me? Well, I'm not sure yet. There is a whole blank canvas ahead, waiting for the broad brushstrokes and fine details to appear. Whatever may lie ahead, it will be an adventure! And remember, no matter what you do, have no regrets. If you live the rest of your life that way, you’ll never need to look back and say, “what if…” – and that may be the most important thing.


    posted at 10:15 PM

Oh sweet rain
Finally, it is raining. I should be sick of it already - it's rained several inches today alone but really, I love rain - I always have. Rainy days like today make you want to curl up under a blanket all day and read or watch tv.

I did neither of those things. I got up this morning and ran errands and have spent the rest of the day catching up on all those things that get away from you during the week. And here I am, after 10, still working. We need a two day work week in this country and a five day weekend!!!!!

    posted at 10:14 PM

Friday, October 07, 2005
JANE! Stop this crazy thing!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately but my computer has been giving me problems and I haven't the wherewithall to deal with it at the moment!

I am glad the weekend is finally before us! I'm disappointed in our weather - though I know we need the rain. My sista from another mista Michelle and I were going to go down to the DC Festival tomorrow to see Tobymac & Kirk Franklin but it looks like we'll be skipping it this year. I'm kind of disappointed but I can't stand the thought of driving all the way down there to hanging out all day in the cold, pouring rain. I'll just have to crank up Toby in the car instead.

Not too much else going on at the moment I can post about. Maybe later...

    posted at 4:15 PM