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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Thankful Thursday
Since I've been busy and the creative juices are definitely not flowing (posting my to do list??? - please!) I'm going to try lifting some ideas from other renowned blogophiles. And today, I take "Thankful Thursday" from Nic.

1. My youth...no, I don't mean my age...I mean my youth in my youth group. We had a really awesome night last night and I was reminded, as I often am, of why God has me working with them. My heart was overflowing last night when I left and I was just singing my praise to God for him putting me where I am and allowing me the blessing of working with these young people! I love you guys!

2. My health. I am struggling this week with fatigue again and am about to cut my head off so my allergy symptoms will abate, but overall, my health has been much better that last few weeks. I'm thankful that I do have good days and sometimes even good weeks like right now.

3. That I am seriously able to consider buying a house. I really feel like it will be a stretch - a big one - and things may be so tight they squeak for a while. But I feel like the time is right and I need to invest in something. And investing in a home, ultimately will be investing in myself and my financial health. I am going to look at two condos tonight. I just looked at them online and am very interested in one. I keep saying this is going to be a long, drawn out process but it may not be if I find the right place. I am just not willing to compromise.

4. Ramona, Nellie & Norm. Some people might think it is silly to put them on this list but they are my furry children and I love them so dearly. I've had some trouble sleeping this week and each night, they all climb in with me and snuggle in until I am able to fall back asleep.

5. That my aunt Delores is visiting from Florida and wants to spend the day with me & my mom on Saturday. I've always struggled with feeling somewhat extended family-less because we never really did things together since I was a small child. With the loss of my grammy and then my uncle last year, I feel like there has been a strengthening on my mom's side of the family - more effort being made to keep in touch and be in one another's lives and that makes me so very happy.

6. For all the men & women serving our country. We may not always agree with the President or whathaveyou, but these folks choose to risk their lives each day so that we can be free! How amazing is that? Sometimes it leaves me completely awestruck to think of it. Please keep Ron Dangler in your prayers, too, the friend I met at Tom & Keri's at Christmas, who has been serving in Iraq. I think he's due home this month sometime. Please just pray for his continued safety and that of his friends & unit.
I'm sure I've got a lot more to be thankful for but I'll save some for next week's edition!

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